General Rental Conditions

The rental of vehicles Fly Salento Italy Srl services in Italy are delivered by Fly Salento Italy Srl hereinafter Salento Italy, car rentals based in Ugento, Marina street n. 06
Any complaints may be addressed to:
Fly Salento Italy Srl
Marina street n.06 - 73059 – Ugento ( Lecce )
Tel. / Fax. 0833/955091; e-mail :
Any disputes concering the interpretation or execution of these Tems and Condition of Rservation Salento Italy are sent, through the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Lecce.
To use the services offered on the site ( hereinafter the site ), and in particular to transmit requests for orders and requests for reservations, you must register.
Any person wishing to register are obliged to ensure that the personal data you provide in truthful, correct and updated.
With reference to the fulfillment of the information obligations laid down in Articles 52 and 53 of legislative Decreet of 6 September 2005 n. 206 bearing the consumer Code (hereinafter the Code), we inform you purpusant to art.59, letter “n”, of the Code the right of withdrawal does not apply to car rental services.
The information contained in the page 1,2 and 3 of the site are purely informative, descriptive and not constitute a contrat or a public offering of the services described. No information contained in this Site may be considered as a contractual offer a contractual offer or invitation to contract, except for the pages which describe specific services for which it is expressly and unequivocally formulated a contractual offer.

  1. Information relating to remote booking for rental services in Italy Vehicle Salento Italy not prepaid
    The booking tools remotely on the site, or provided at n.0833.955091 if used in non-prepaid mode, are provided to customers solely to preliminary verification of the availability of vehicles for rental and its cost estimate.
    Where following the preliminary verification and significant estimates made on site the customer sends in Salento Italy, through the site, or through the operator a request for information, the same means which request to Salento Italy of accurate analysis of the availability of the vehicle, and the estimate of the rental cost.
    The Salento Italy will find this request by communicating to the email address provided by the customer during the booking process, the unavailability of the vehicle, or, the availability of the same and to confirm the estimate of the rental cost.
    Upon confirmation of the availability of the vehicle, the Salento Italy will undertake to keep confidential the vehicle for the period covered by the customer's request, up to one hour after the time appointed for the withdrawal of the reservation request, against the budgeted cost.
    After it has expired the time of guarantee and up closing on the time of check-out location station, Salento Italy will not be obligated to provide the rental of the requested category vehicle.
    Therefore, you will be offered the rental of a vehicle of another class as an alternative (provided that the customer has specific requirements for the rental of vehicles of category, if applicable) and, if accepted, will consequently be practiced the tariff on the category of vehicle actually chartered (with the possibility therefore of applying a cost of different car from the one indicated in the booking).
    The rental of the reserved vehicle is subject to the signing at the rental locations of Salento Italy of a rental agreement with the requirements and conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Reservation Salento Italy and in the Terms and Conditions of Rental Salento Italy currently in force.
  2. Information on remote booking for rental services in Italy Vehicle Salento Italian with use of means of payment.
    - Bookings Guaranteed Extended (possible only online through the Site) and prepaid reservations
    Where following the preliminary verification and significant estimates made on site the customer sends in Salento Italy, through the Site, a request for bookings Guaranteed subscription or prepaid, by filling out the form on the site, the same shall be read as contract proposal Client for concluding a contract online booking of rental services, under the terms set out below.
    Salento Italy will experience communicating this request to the email address provided by the customer during the booking process, the unavailability of the vehicle and consequently the rejection of the proposal, namely, vehicle availability and acceptance of the proposal
    The bookings Guaranteed subscription service or prepaid means that the customer during the booking process to provide the details of your credit / debit card.
    In the case of prepaid reservations, Salento Italy will simultaneously to cash an amount equal to the estimated price of the car on the credit card provided by the customer for confirmation of booking. The communication of a booking confirmation will follow the sending of a voucher to present to the payment of the prepaid rental price.
    If bookings Guaranteed Extended or Prepaid subscription to the service, Salento Italy, following the confirmation of the reservation, we are committed to make available to the customer to hire a vehicle of category request start time shown in your booking, until 'time indicated in the rental contract, with a tolerance of one hour.
    In railway stations or airports where the interest of the customer, will be shown the number of the train or flight. In this case, the service subscription or prepaid bookings Guaranteed ensure, consistent with business hours, the Customer the availability of a vehicle of the applicable category until one hour after the actual flight arrival / train when it arrives over the term of availability set out in the subscription or prepaid bookings Guaranteed.
    In this case you could be charged for overtime.
    With the signing of the bookings Guaranteed Extended or prepaid service, the customer agrees to collect the vehicle within the times referred to above or in any way to cancel the reservation within the terms indicated below, by accepting, in default, the application of the penalty specified therein (so-called no-show fee) by charging on the credit card at time of booking.
    The rental of the reserved vehicle is subject to the signing at the rental offices Salento Italy of a rental agreement with the requirements and conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Reservation Salento Italy and in the Terms and Conditions of Rental Salento Italy currently in force.
  3. Information concerning online booking for vehicle rental services abroad
    Salento Italy offers rental of vehicles exclusively in the region service as reported in the cash delivery and collection on the site.
  4. Change and cancellation fees
    If Customer requests to modify / cancel your reservation, Salento Italy reserves the right to apply a penalty equal to 35% of total rental amount.
    In order to modify or cancel a reservation, you should contact the relevant office at n.0833.955091.
    Reservation change may affect (positively or negatively) on rental rates in view of the varied characteristics of the car, it may be necessary that Salento Italy to issue a new confirmation of prepayment.
    In case of booking changes not made in accordance with this Article, it will not be granted a refund, even if rentals ended early or late collections of the rented vehicle.
  5. Force Majeure
    Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its obligations under any kind of reservation in cases of force majeure.
    Considering "Force Majeure" - under current regulations - an irresistible and unforeseeable event, extraordinary and beyond the control of the parties and the parties themselves that prevents the fulfillment of its obligations. Therefore, in cases of force majeure

    • prepaid reservations: the transaction will be canceled and Salento Italy will refund the amount of the prepaid rental. Salento Italy will have no further obligations with respect to the transaction;
  6. Various
    The published rates at time of booking exclude all applicable charges not specifically mentioned as included in the booking confirmation sent by Salento Italy and any optional additional services requested by the Customer or any subsequent additional charge per our Terms and Conditions of Rental force at the time for which the customer may be responsible (eg fines, damages, etc.).
    By booking the applicant will ensure that the data provided are correct, that the credit card indicated both its availability and has sufficient funds to cover your order, assuming all responsibility regarding the correctness and viability of booking. If there are changes in the data provided by the applicant, it is the responsibility of the latter to inform Salento Italy as soon as possible.
    Salento Italy reserves the right to refuse an order or request a reservation in case the applicant does not provide all the data required and necessary to access the services offered, or in case of malfunction of electronic systems, operating software or inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information contained in the Site and not dependent on his will.
    In case of rejection of the request, Salento Italy undertakes not to make any charge payable by the applicant and to contact (via e-mail or fax, or phone) as soon as an applicant to the address provided to warn him of the failure to purchase.
    Salento Italy reserves the right to make appropriate checks on the validity of the credit card used by the customer at the time of booking request. Salento Italy accepts no responsibility for the possible abusive or fraudulent use of the customer's credit card for any damages that may arise to the customer for transactions made by credit card, which was not related to its sphere of control. The non-payment may be payable by the Customer under the terms established to cancellation of the booking contract pursuant to art. 1456 cc, except for compensation for damage suffered from Salento Italy.
    Booking assumption on behalf of several subjects, one who subscribes to assume direct and personal responsibility of the entire consideration payment of all services booked and undertakes to inform the other parties all the conditions governing the contract.
    The Fly Salento Italy Srl shall have no liability for the booking service or booking simulation available on sites other than site whether they are attributable to third parties to companies owned or affiliated to the group Salento Italy.
    The Terms and Conditions of Reservation and Terms and Conditions of hire cars of Salento Italy may be subject to change at any time.
    The information on prices provided by the on-line reservation service is information based on data provided by the customer. Under no circumstances it can be assumed that an online booking for a vehicle of Salento Italy constitutes a rental contract.
    The Official Site of Salento Italy group contains a reminder of the booking conditions and rental of motor vehicles of Salento Italy, drafted in the language of the customer which is addressed and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the country where the services will be provided. These conditions will be notified to the customer on request. If this information does not appear on the official site it will be deemed that the Customer has received sufficient information from this caution. In any case the contract of rental of vehicle lectern will only be calculated at the time when the customer collects the vehicle and signs the rental contract, accepting the general conditions and special charter contained therein.
    Any comments on the functioning of the site, and particularly on the functioning of the on-line booking form, the customer can contact the administrator of the site at the above address or Salento Italy at the following e-mail :